Welcome to the Red Apple Schoolhouse!

The mission of this site is to bring to the user, a list of sites that have basic information on different subject. All the site generated links have actual CONTENT. They have something to offer for free. The sponsored links and advertising are not included in this claim.

The idea for this site came from the frustration of having to wade through so many product advertisements and junk sites just to find some basic information on a subject. We thought, wouldn't it be nice to be able to go to one place and find very basic information on a lot of subjects. Then we can expand on the web looking for the products and solutions we need based on having a good idea of what we are looking for in the first place. And so the Red Apple Schoolhouse was born.

This site is an on-going project. We make no claims to the validity of the sites listed here, only that we have reviewed the site and have seen that they have something to offer you, free of charge. If you have a category or a link that you think belongs on this site, please contact us with that information. We will review it and if we think it has merit, we'll list it on this site.

Use this site to start your inquiries. Want to know a bit more about football so you can impress your date? This is the place to start. Want to find some non-alcohol foo-foo drinks to serve at your party? You can find that here as well.

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